New items on the menu

New items on the menu

Below you can see the new dishes that Freyja’s kitchen has carefully prepared for autumn. Feel free to book and partake of autumn’s best ingredients put together in the best way.

Read Emma Shield’s introduction to the dishes below!

Foto: Sonny Tapper

The thighs are confited and the breasts are fried. Silver onions are mixed with sage, coriander and cumin, and fried crispy. The carcasses are saved for a duck reduction with fermented gooseberries. A good herb mayo to it and we’re home at last.

Creamy peas and beans. This dish has been with us since we opened but has taken many forms. The topping has to go with the season. Right now, the salad contains raw fried corn from my hometown, herb vinaigrette and puffed buckwheat. The idea with the dish was to make a Swedish take on risotto. Instead of rice, our base consists of yellow peas, gray peas, broad beans and quinoa. Everything comes from @nordiskravara which is a collaboration collective hosting different farmers where they grow traditional and non-traditional crops in a gentle way in Swedish soils.

Saithe. A rather misunderstood fish in my opinion. It may have been seen in various lunchboxes across the country, but cooked correctly it is an absolute favourite. We buy huge whole fishes weighing in at 5-7 kg, which we then fillet and portion. Before serving, it is garnished and accompanied by grilled grapes from Vreta Kloster, baked leeks, sugar snaps and a creamy mussel sauce


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