New Year’s Eve at Freyja+Söder 22.11.23

The time for resolutions is almost here. With champagne in hand, we promise ourselves to quit everything that’s fun.

We at Freyja stand on the side of the righteous and thus, we want to see you for one last hoorah before you burn all your money on expensive gym memberships and embark on a sober month. Let’s go out with a bang and bid farewell to a truly crappy year also known as 2023.

The book is open, the terrace is heated, and the spots are going faster than Stone Island jackets at a Nitty Gritty sale. Hurry in and reserve a spot for this first of many upcoming legendary New Year’s spectacles, so you can say you were “there” when your kids ask where you were when it happened.

We are open for both lunch and dinner seatings. Welcome!

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