Vernissage 5:e Juni Carli Halvars 05.06.24

konst på Freyja+söder terrass

Vuxenspelet, also known as Carli Halvars, is a graffiti and textile artist from Stockholm who, in the spring of 2024, created unique works at the rooftop bar. This rooftop is hard to resist. The beer taps were also replaced with solid wood craftsmanship created by Carli and Joran Stamatakakos, just so your damn beer can be poured with feeling. The menu was designed with motifs and colors to enhance your gastronomic experience.

Carli previously studied at Konstfack, earning a bachelor’s degree in textiles, and this fall he will continue his master’s studies there. In between, he has worked as an artist and held solo exhibitions showcasing woven tapestries. His works encompass humor, seriousness, politics, and absurdity. They demonstrate craftsmanship, sensitivity to materials, and meticulous attention to detail. His creations are infused with time, pain, art, and much of himself.
Graffiti is a significant foundation for Carli’s artistic drive and energy to create. It’s something he engages in year-round, depending on his finances, inspiration, and ideas. Although he has never mastered the art of tagging and always paints legally, his time will come. Through his paintings, he creates stories, appreciating how colors can enhance narratives, sometimes using just a single word.

Carli was born on a couch and has never learned to like coffee. This might contribute to his immense creative mania; he enjoys maintaining a high pace with control. Educated in the Rudolf Steiner method, he, like wet-on-wet painting, allows the boundaries between graffiti and textile art to blend, creating harmonious and provocative works. Sometimes, these are not for everyone.
We will be showcasing his work at Freyja on June 5th. Welcome.


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