A Guide to Beer

Stureplansgruppen has recently published a guide for celebrating International Beer Day, and we at Freyja+Söder are honored to be recommended as one of the top destinations. Their article highlights several exciting places to enjoy a cold beer, but we are particularly pleased with their focus on Freyja+Söder. Here’s why our venue is the perfect destination for this special day.

International Beer Day

August 2nd marks International Beer Day, a global celebration of beer’s diversity and culture. It’s a day to appreciate the various flavors and styles of beer and to gather with friends and family over a cold drink. Stureplansgruppen has carefully selected several venues that offer an excellent beer-drinking experience.

Freyja+Söder is already established as one of Stockholm’s destinations for cocktails and wine, thanks to the legendary bartender Jimmy Dymott and awarded sommelier Ellen Franzen. But on International Beer Day, our fantastic view and atmosphere make us the ideal place to celebrate. Our rooftop terrace, Söderterrassen, offers expansive views of Stockholm and can accommodate over 400 guests. With two outdoor bars, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a cold Norrlands while gazing out over the city’s beautiful skyline.

Indoors, Freyja offers an equally impressive experience. Here, you can enjoy a cold beer alongside exquisite dishes created by Emma Shields. The combination of outstanding food and drink in a relaxed yet elegant setting makes Freyja an unparalleled place to celebrate International Beer Day.

Other Recommended Places

In addition to Freyja+Söder, Stureplansgruppen’s guide includes several other excellent destinations for beer enthusiasts. Le Hibou, a rooftop terrace at Bank Hotel, offers a Parisian atmosphere with fantastic views of the Royal Palace and Stockholm’s canals. Surfers, with its authentic Chinese cuisine and updated cocktail menu, is another exciting choice at Stureplan. In Gothenburg, you can enjoy beer at Storköket, known for its impressive sales of Norrlands Ljus.

For those who want to stay in central Stockholm, Stureplan 1 is a classic destination with a lush outdoor seating area and proximity to the iconic Svampen. Berns Asiatiska offers a unique opportunity to enjoy Japanese beer alongside world-class sushi. If you want a break from beer, Stureplansgruppen also recommends Chez Jolie, where you can try a French cider.

Gamla Riksarkivet and Nosh and Chow are other fantastic places to consider, especially for their seasonal beers and festive atmosphere during Pride Week. And when the sun goes down, there’s always Laroy with its glamorous bar that offers something for every taste.

Celebrating International Beer Day at Freyja+Söder means more than just drinking beer; it’s a complete experience. Whether you prefer to sit outside on our rooftop terrace and enjoy the view or relax indoors with our delicious food and drinks, you’ll find an atmosphere that is both inviting and inspiring.

We look forward to welcoming you to Freyja+Söder to celebrate International Beer Day. Make the day memorable, with great beer, fantastic food, and an unbeatable atmosphere. If you want to read the whole guide, it’s available below.

To the guide

Vernissage 5:e Juni Carli Halvars 05.06.24

Vuxenspelet, also known as Carli Halvars, is a graffiti and textile artist from Stockholm who, in the spring of 2024, created unique works at the rooftop bar. This rooftop is hard to resist. The beer taps were also replaced with solid wood craftsmanship created by Carli and Joran Stamatakakos, just so your damn beer can be poured with feeling. The menu was designed with motifs and colors to enhance your gastronomic experience.

Carli previously studied at Konstfack, earning a bachelor’s degree in textiles, and this fall he will continue his master’s studies there. In between, he has worked as an artist and held solo exhibitions showcasing woven tapestries. His works encompass humor, seriousness, politics, and absurdity. They demonstrate craftsmanship, sensitivity to materials, and meticulous attention to detail. His creations are infused with time, pain, art, and much of himself.
Graffiti is a significant foundation for Carli’s artistic drive and energy to create. It’s something he engages in year-round, depending on his finances, inspiration, and ideas. Although he has never mastered the art of tagging and always paints legally, his time will come. Through his paintings, he creates stories, appreciating how colors can enhance narratives, sometimes using just a single word.

Carli was born on a couch and has never learned to like coffee. This might contribute to his immense creative mania; he enjoys maintaining a high pace with control. Educated in the Rudolf Steiner method, he, like wet-on-wet painting, allows the boundaries between graffiti and textile art to blend, creating harmonious and provocative works. Sometimes, these are not for everyone.
We will be showcasing his work at Freyja on June 5th. Welcome.

Swedish Party National Day Festivities 06.06.24

For us, Sweden represents the Swedish music miracle, constant discussions about the weather, world-class ingredients, and the right to roam. On June 6th, Freyja will raise the flag for all these. It’s time for a Swedish Party!

Join us for a day party at Freyja starting at 12:00, where there will be festivities and fun from the beginning to the end of the day. Enjoy Emma Shields’ delicious cuisine inside Freyja, along with new creations from our skilled bartenders, both indoors and outdoors.

We will be serving a specially composed three-course meal for the day and pouring Swedish wine by the glass. Five sharp DJs will play assorted selections from the history of Swedish music.

12-17: Karin Bernstrup
17-19: Funky Loffe
19-21: Klara Nov
21-23: Rocco
23-01: Delavas

Read more and attend here

Winemaker’s Dinner with Soalheiro 21.05.24

Welcome to a special evening with us where we are honored to host a winemaker’s dinner featuring Luís Cerdeira from Soalheiro, located in Vinho Verde, northern Portugal. Soalheiro is renowned for their white wines made from the Alvarinho grape, which have gained international recognition for their high quality. The climate in their region contributes to the optimal ripening of the grapes, resulting in wines with a distinct and appreciated character.
On May 21st, Luís Cerdeira, the winemaker and owner of Soalheiro, will visit Sweden. We take this opportunity to invite you to this dinner where we will be serving world-class white wines from Soalheiro. The evening offers both new and experienced wine enthusiasts a chance to explore these exceptional wines, accompanied by dishes that pair well with each wine.

It will be a relaxed and informative evening where Luís will share his knowledge about winemaking and the unique conditions in Vinho Verde. We look forward to welcoming you to Freyja + Söder for an evening of delicious food and outstanding wines.


New things at Freyja+Söder’s terrace

This summer, we at Freyja+Söder are excited to welcome you with a range of exciting new features designed to enhance your vibe and well-being. Located in the heart of Stockholm, our terrace serves as a gathering point for both city residents and visitors seeking a relaxing moment with a view of the city skyline.
One of the major highlights is the transformation of the terrace by an artist with a distinctive style, known as @vuxenspelet. With their unique approach to art, we hope to give the terrace the attitude it deserves.

In terms of dining, we introduce the “Söder’s Special” on the terrace for just 85 kronor. This appealing dish features a grilled Freyja sausage in a baguette, generously topped with pickled cabbage, roasted garlic mayonnaise, and a spicy sauce. For those preferring a meat-free diet, a vegetarian option is also available, ensuring that all our guests can enjoy this delicious meal regardless of their dietary preferences. This meal is perfect for those looking for a quick yet satisfying lunch or dinner.
Additionally, we are offering ice cream boats for only 35 kronor, providing the perfect finish to your meal or just a cooling break during sunny summer days.

Another exciting update is the introduction of an entirely new drink menu. This menu is designed to complement both new and classic dishes. A recommendation from the new menu is the drink “Tiger Hunt,” made with Mandarin, Patron Blanco, Suze, Lillet Blanc, and saffron. It’s a delightful thrill in the jungle on the terrace.
With these new additions, we at Freyja+Söder are ready to welcome summer with open arms. Visitors can expect an experience that not only satisfies the stomach but also enriches the mind, making each visit a pleasurable and unforgettable moment.

A night out at Freyja+Söder

Welcome to us at Freyja+Söder, a gem in Södermalm, perfect for your night out. Located right by Slussen on Hornsgatan 18, we offer more than just the restaurant and the bar; we also provide a breathtaking view. Our rooftop boasts possibly the best panoramic view of Stockholm, ideal for both unforgettable and relaxing drinks under the stars.

This week, we are featured in a nightlife guide by the Stureplansgruppen, and here we share what you can enjoy at our beloved venue.

Freyja, our restaurant, accommodates many guests in an environment that is both intimate and lively. Söder, our bar and terrace area, is the perfect spot to let loose and be inspired by the city from above. The interior is modern and welcoming, creating the right atmosphere for both spontaneous visits and special occasions. 

But Freyja+Söder is more than just its location. Our menu, created by the talented chef Emma Shields, is a rich blend of local and global influences. Emma, with her background in international kitchens, passionately combines global flavors with Swedish quality ingredients, providing a clear impression of whose food you are enjoying and where.

Our cocktail menu, developed by the legendary bartender Jimmy Dymott and his collaborator Thimmy, known for their creative mixology, has been carefully crafted to complement both the food and the atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for something innovative or a classic twist, Jimmy and Thimmy consistently deliver something memorable.

Freyja+Söder is a venue that supports an entire evening. Our goal is for every guest to leave feeling they’ve been part of a grand night out, an experience only available here in Södermalm.

So, if you’re looking for a place that combines stunning views, outstanding food, and expertly mixed drinks in a relaxed yet engaging environment, Freyja+Söder is the obvious choice. Whether you want to create new memories with friends, celebrate a special occasion, or just enjoy the moment, Freyja+Söder is the place where anything can happen. Visit us and let us make your evening in Södermalm extraordinary.

If you’re curious about more places perfect for a night out, you can check out this complete guide to what you can do during a night in Stockholm.


Stureplansgruppen’s Top Five

Stureplan Group has compiled a list of their hottest and most hip and happening places right now. We happen to be on it, along with a few other spots you definitely should check out. This includes places like Mikael Einarsson’s newly opened La Petite Soeur and other wonderful venues perfect for spring.

View the full list here.

Women in the Industry Highlighted – Freyja Included 03.18.24

In an article from earlier last week, on International Women’s Day, a day of activism, two women from Freyja were highlighted in Stureplansgruppen’s tribute to the women in front of, and behind the scenes. Naturally, our restaurateur and creative leader Emma Shields was mentioned; she has strongly put Freyja+Söder on the map in Stockholm’s dining scene within a year. Our bartender Vendela was also mentioned as a woman of character within the conglomerate.

We love when our team is celebrated, thank you Stureplansgruppen!

Read about all the women here.

Signature Drink: Röda Linjen 03.18.24

Stureplansgruppen has compiled a list of signature cocktails in Stockholm and Gothenburg, and we were honored to participate with our drink, “Röda linjen”. The Red Line is the metro that passes by Freyja, and we witness it making its rounds over Söderström’s Bridge both day and night. The cocktail is refreshingly flavored, made with Swedish strawberries from one of the finest producers, Stenhuse Farm on Gotland, and the tastiest gin we know from Stockholm Distillery, Navy Strength at 57% alcohol by volume. We add wormwood for spice and finish the drink with a spray of Absinthe, a classic touch.

Read the whole list of signature cocktails here.

Falstaff Top 100

We at Freyja+Söder are immensely pleased and honored to have been named one of Sweden’s Top 100 Restaurants by Falstaff Magazine. Falstaff Magazine is a highly respected publication known for its passion for food, drink, and culture, with its roots in Austria. They explore and highlight the best dining experiences around the world, making this recognition particularly special for us.

Read the full list here.

To Falstaff Magazine.


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