The folks at Freyja – Meet runner Raul

Meet Raul! One of our dear runners at the restaurant, three months fresh!

– Who are you and how did you end up at Freyja+Söder?

My name is Raul, I am 22 years old, Spanish and how I ended up at Freyja was that I happened to meet an old friend during a national team match, Azerbaijan against Sweden, at Friends arena. We talked about general things, what do you do, etc. He told me that he worked at Freyja and that they were looking for some cool people, so I sent an email to Viggo, the restaurang manager. He texted back about a meeting. Then there was a test job two days after the interview, I was extraordinarily nervous, that particular evening we also had some kind of record for the number of guests.

– So you were completely new to the industry?

Pretty much, but now I’m quite used to it, but I was really nervous luckily I had a colleague who could help me for the whole day, felt a bit sorry for Oskar that day with the number of guests we had. Had never worked a restaurant before and I was really nervous, was still damn nervous for like two more months but now I’m starting to feel quite used to it.

– Tell us something interesting that has happened during service!

Hmm, there were some football supporters here who supported the same team as me one night (Hammarby IF). It was during a time when I was trying to get more comfortable talking to guests and being relaxed – and they were really nice to me! I managed to finally be able to joke and have a conversation that was fun, big moment for me.

– Finally, if you came here as a guest, what would you have eaten and drunk and who would you have brought with you?

I would have brought my girl Medina with me, taken the grilled plum, maybe some of the kroppkakor, I don’t know much about drinks and wine to be honest, but I would probably have had a beer or some drink at the bar.

Thanks Raul!


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