Vernissage – Nasch 26.10.23

Nadine ”NASCH” Schjölin – (b.1994) Paints with a passion in oil, freely and openly, with a preference for large forma Her motifs develop, rarely in a predetermined manner, unhampered by thoughts. She allows herself to be influenced by actual impulse, where a quest for harmony and balance is central.

The expressive motifs are painted with powerful broad strokes and strong colours in layer upon layer. Out of the chaos, patterns emerge through contrasts in light and darkness. The colours lift each other and a delicate interplay expands. Many of NASCH paintings are so free that we can both look at them and hang them in different directions. She wants there to be room for the viewer to feel and dream away for themselves and create their own story

“Life is ruled by emotions thoughts and impulses, we take in information that we proceed both consciously and unconsciously. My painting is primarily about letting go, remain open and without criticizing. Each layer that is added opens up for new thoughts, new feelings – where nothing is right or wrong but rather a milestone along the way.”

NASCH has already established herself well as an artist at a young age, she participated at Liljevachls 2014/15, inaugurated the opening of POM gallery in 2015, furnished paintings at Malous TV studio and is now working with Melefors fine art.

Contact 0721616162


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