A night out at Freyja+Söder

Welcome to us at Freyja+Söder, a gem in Södermalm, perfect for your night out. Located right by Slussen on Hornsgatan 18, we offer more than just the restaurant and the bar; we also provide a breathtaking view. Our rooftop boasts possibly the best panoramic view of Stockholm, ideal for both unforgettable and relaxing drinks under the stars.

This week, we are featured in a nightlife guide by the Stureplansgruppen, and here we share what you can enjoy at our beloved venue.

Freyja, our restaurant, accommodates many guests in an environment that is both intimate and lively. Söder, our bar and terrace area, is the perfect spot to let loose and be inspired by the city from above. The interior is modern and welcoming, creating the right atmosphere for both spontaneous visits and special occasions. 

But Freyja+Söder is more than just its location. Our menu, created by the talented chef Emma Shields, is a rich blend of local and global influences. Emma, with her background in international kitchens, passionately combines global flavors with Swedish quality ingredients, providing a clear impression of whose food you are enjoying and where.

Our cocktail menu, developed by the legendary bartender Jimmy Dymott and his collaborator Thimmy, known for their creative mixology, has been carefully crafted to complement both the food and the atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for something innovative or a classic twist, Jimmy and Thimmy consistently deliver something memorable.

Freyja+Söder is a venue that supports an entire evening. Our goal is for every guest to leave feeling they’ve been part of a grand night out, an experience only available here in Södermalm.

So, if you’re looking for a place that combines stunning views, outstanding food, and expertly mixed drinks in a relaxed yet engaging environment, Freyja+Söder is the obvious choice. Whether you want to create new memories with friends, celebrate a special occasion, or just enjoy the moment, Freyja+Söder is the place where anything can happen. Visit us and let us make your evening in Södermalm extraordinary.

If you’re curious about more places perfect for a night out, you can check out this complete guide to what you can do during a night in Stockholm.



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