New Art in the Minibar 01.02.24

New Art in the Minibar

We hung up some new art in the minibar on the 1st of febuary by Jesper Bror Palmqvist.

“In the exhibition, I present three paintings executed on the backsides of school maps. The works are personal monuments for an in-between state, an exploration of the map’s reverse side, as well as a collection of references and symbols that together symbolize a mental state.

During my upbringing, Dalarna painting was constantly present in my surroundings. With a mother from India, an interest in Indian culture emerged, and later in adulthood, I came into contact with Indian miniature painting. That’s when I realized how similar these painting traditions are. I decided to blend the painting styles.

My goal with mixing these painting traditions is to highlight the similarities and to point out how cultures influence each other worldwide. The school map concept testifies to a worldview conditioned by boundaries and categorizations. I want to explore a transcultural painting that opposes the binary system and that tells the stories that do not fit into our worldview. A society, an individual, or a place can carry multiple identities that interact together.”

Many thanks to Jesper for your art now adorning the minibar going forward!

Read more about Jesper and see more of his art here.


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