New drink – Tangorabatt 14.12.23

Our cocktails are so carefully distilled, experimented with, and meticulously crafted that we consider each new drink to be newsworthy. Meet Tangorabatt, a reference to the creation of the different “martinis” in the early 2000s. We’ve compressed all our “martini” expertise into a small glass, infused it with Swedish winter pear, and created an insanely sexy fluffy top with flavors of passion fruit and vanilla.

Discover everything Tangorabatt has to offer here!

Bar of the Year – Freyja Wins Stockholm Prize 2023

We, and especially our bar, were proud to receive the Stockholm Prize 2023 from Nöjesguiden over the weekend. The prize recognizes exemplary behavior in Stockholm throughout 2023, and while we wouldn’t claim perfection, our efforts were deemed exemplary enough for a win. A big thank you to Nöjesguiden!

This is how they describe us, read the full article here!

“When Stureplansgruppen opened its first establishment, Freyja + Söder, in Södermalm, it wasn’t a small feat that awaited. Instead, names like chef Emma Shields and especially veteran bartender Jimmy Dymott were associated. This, combined with one of the city’s best views, made both the restaurant and the bar one of the most visited places of the summer. And the success story continues even after the chill has set in Stockholm.”


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