Dee jays 25-30.7

The last week of July flies by but not without a bunch of creatives mixing music at Freyja+Söder. The classic Swedish holiday weeks are coming to an end, but the holiday partying has only just begun.

Dee jays 18-23.7

Music all summer at Hornsgatan 18

We are now in the later weeks of July, lots of new faces at Freyja + Söder this week, move your hips to the sound of their music and make sure to have a lovely time!

Dee jays 11-16.7

Third week of july, some new faces but also faces that we now recognize and love to see at Freyja, come on up and join the fun!

Dee jays 4-9.07

July is a time when the summer has really started, the summer salary is in, the summer sun stands high and the mood of our artists are on top. From Tuesday to Sunday, music is played in the minibar, on the terrace, and in the “stora baren” inside the Freyja restaurant.


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