-Juniper twig smoked honey from Gotland
-Clarified sour apple
-Spriteriets White Vermouth
-Absolut vodka
-Schweppes Sodawater

Elderflower, sweet woodruff, smoked honey, grape, ginger and apple are all flavours competing for your attention in this cocktail, a late harvest drink with everything from the forrest pharmacy.
This cocktail is inspired by classics as Moscow Mule,
Dark´n Stormy and later on the neo-classic Penicillin.
We would describe the flavour as fresh and with a complex smokiness and a nice kick from the ginger.

This drink is the beginning of the end, end of summer and the coming of autumn. This is also the perfect beginning to our new cocktail list and a journey through our minds.


-Cloudberry from the Northlands (Norrland)
-Sour apples
-Stockholms Bränneri Navy Strength gin 57%
-Martini Ambrato

The Stockholm Syndrome is a proposed condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors, the first time this was recorded was when two crimininals made a string of more or less fatal decisions that all culimnated in the robbery of Kreditbanken on Norrmalmstorg the 23-28th of of august 1973. This was a classic robbery gone bad, shootouts with the police, automatic weapons, dynamite, hostages, negotiation, 10.000kr bills disapering, probably in the rektum of the robbers and a coversation between maybe the most famous robber in Swedish history Clark Olofsson and the most famous Prime minister Olof Palme, of which the recordings ”strangely” disapered.

It´s a classic. A Classic is also Negroni and the gospel of Negroni can´t be missed by anyone remotely interested in alcohol and getting drunk. As a bartender you can get pretty tired of these fads but Negroni sells so we made a white Negroni version with Cloudberry and a dash of sour apples, the cloudberry has taken the Negroni hostage but it seems to have created en emotional bond to the clouberry so it works perfect, served on crushed ice and boom, there it is, The Stockholm Syndrome.



-Vattlingon, conserved lingonberries
-Lingonberry acid
-Absolut vodka

Some drinks just won´t die out, Cosmopolitan is one of those, somehow it keeps on coming back, again and again and again. We decided on taking a crack at improving it and also creating a more Swedish version, nothing is more Swedish then lingonberries, dandelions grow literally everywhere in the city, they don´t care about anything and you just have to respect that kinda commitment.

So we knew we wanted to create something with those two flavours and the rest came kinda easy.
Acid to get the right balance and Absolut Vodka to keep it clean and Swedish all the way.
Fjollträsk is what people from the North of Sweden usually calls Stockholm City, we think it´s pretty funny.



-Absolut vodka
-Plymouth Gin
-Lillet Blanc

If you know a little about cocktails, you can probably see that the spirit base in this one is the Vesper, James Bonds drink of choice, 3 parts gin, 1 part vodka and 1/5 part of Lillet Blanc, but that is where the similarities end, We´ve packed this one with flavours, Swedish cucumber, basil and apricot being the dominant ones in this little package of joy. Every fathers favourite hero is as you already know James Bond, James being the coolest cat around and nobody knows how to navigate in the Concrete Jungle as our hero so thats why we named the drink Betongdjungel.

The drink is to quote the best that ever did it, Sean Connery; Shoking. Positively shocking! Positively shocking.



-Autumn raspberries
-Raspberry acid
-Jameson Irish Whiskey

Almost everybody has done it, gotten really wasted and left without telling or saying goodbye, in a time of constant communication and always being on line and updating, checkin in and som on it´s actually a little refreshing if you thnk about it, almost sexy.
There is an old rule that raspberries and whiskey go good together so when we got our hands on the last of the raspberries from Stenhuse Gård we decided to put this rule to the test.

We took the wrong swetener when we were trying out different combinations and in entered coconut, we found out that cococonut also likes whiskey and raspberries and after we had tasted this witchcraft we couldn´t go back. Spiked it with some woodruff to make it even more exciting and then found a nice balance with the acid. The last dimension of this drink comes in the form of air, carbonated air that we force in to the mixture, not once, not twice but three times to give it that extra, don´t drink to many of these or you just might en up pulling an Irish goodbye on your company or date. Sláinte!



-Röd from Stockholms Bränneri
-Bombay Sapphire
-Schweppes Tonic Water

So this one is pretty hard to explain to somebody not growing up in Sweden during the 90s, there was a time when everything that was funny in Sweden came out of an comedic ensemble called the Hassan-crew, they started out doing prank-calls on the Swedish national radio and an alternative tv channel called Z-TV, a Swedish version of MTV. They are still the base of Swedish entertainment and funny shit ending up on tv or in movies. They had a very appreciated show that everyone watched called ”Glenn Killing in Manegen” in there was a character called Göran and he was an ferret with alcohol problems, it´s to silly to try to explain and you kinda had to be there to appreciate it.

Anyway, he had a drink called Hashibashi that was made with a finnish vodka and a wound cleanser called Desivon, that drink then became a real drink with grapefruit soda, bitters and gin.
This is that drink but made nice, a refreshing, not so strong apertivo style drink. This could also be the longest explanation ever made that didn´t make anyone smarter, we are sorry about that.



-Spruce Tree
-Sour Apple
-Makers´s Mark Bourbon

There is an event that takes place every year in Churchill Downs in Louisville called the Kentucky Derby, maybe
you´ve heard of it, they have this famous cocktail that definetly tastes the best when you are there Mint Julep. So we know that Bourbon and mint likes to hang out together, we also know that bourbon goes well with sour stuff. So here is a Swedish version taking in all of that knowlege and adding a little nordic twist to it, Sour apples, spruce twigs, mint and Maker´s Mark Bourbon.

The Swedish version of Churcill Downs is Solvalla and this drink murders Mint Julep any day so we named it Solvalla Mördarn´, mördaren meaning murderer, there is also another story around that name but there is no room for that now. Giddy up!



-Swedish Jalapeño
-Sea Buckthorn
-Unripe Blackcurrants
-Blackcurrant leafs
-Bacardi Carta Blanca

This seasons Far$taGlitter is still spicy, still feisty, still sexy and delicious.Slowly emerging unripe blackurrants and leafs into white Bacardi and then letting it steep for a very long time, slowcooking it almost. We are practicing the ”whole bush” method just like our colleagues in the kitchen like to use the ”whole animal” when cooking.

Sea Buthorn brings in the acidic parts and the jalapeños are there for the kick and vanilla for a smooth finish.
Still drinkin’ my leafs, still got love for the streets, still doing my thang, still reppin
Far$taGlitter all the way.



-Apple cordial made with sour green apples
-Laird´s Bonded Apple Brandy 50% alc vol
-Champis, Swedish soda with apples and grapes

This one has been on the list since we opened, this is a version of the ”mother drink” in Swedish cocktail history, Grosshandlaren. Storfräsarn´means Big shot.

Our version is spiked with fireweed and up-ed with
green apple cordial, we use a very potent apple brandy that brings that kick that you need to create a banger of this kind. Champis is one of the OGs of Swedish soda culture and brings the drink to the next level.
Buckle up and enjoy the ride!



-Strawberries from Stenhuse Gård on Gotland
-A taste and scent of wormwood
-Stockholms Bränneri Navy Strength Gin 57% alc vol

The Red Line, one of Stockholms oldest tube lines and also where the station Alby resides on in the suburbs.This one is a tribute cocktail to one of Swedens first rap crews that rapped in Swedish, The Latin Kings. They are true classics, OGs of the rap game and when we started working on this drink we wanted to aproach it as the true classics were built, that means booze of any kind, sugar, bitters and water.

These are the fundamentals when it comes to a cocktail, Old fashioned and The Sazerac are cocktails that were created based on this mixture. So we started with sweet, and nothing is more sweet and tastes more Swedish then Swedish strawberries. We sourced the best we could find from Stenhuse Gård a small farm on the island of Gotland. We then decided on using gin and went for our favourite gin from our friends and local brewers Stockholms Bränneri, we also went for the Navy Strength because why not? Then in the tradition in not adding to much it was more a game of getting the proportions right and waiting, soaking the gin with the strawberries and then stirring the mixture on ice (water) and then finally adding a scent and taste of wormwood, becuase that is also an old school move and works beautiful with the strawberries. The result is something we hold dearly in the bar and a cocktail that makes us proud to serve to our guests. We really hope you´ll enjoy it as
much as we do.



-Sweet brewed coffee from Johan & -Nyström
-Mancino Kopi vermouth
-Stökvatten 55% alc vol, Freyjas own vodka.
-Brackish water with lemon

”Coffee cask” should be made with a Coffee Percolator and Swedish Moonshine! With this in mind we made our own vodka (legally) with our friends at Stockholms Bränneri a local brewery not far from here. We made it strong, 55% alc vol and then we made the best coffee cordial we could together with our friends from Johan & Nyström a local coffee brewery.

This is a nod to classic cocktails as the Black Russian
and the never ending victory lap of Espresso martini.
A swedish version of these with a history stretching back to the 1800 hundreds is Kaffe Kask but all societys have these, spirit and coffee drinks. So this is our version of one of those, we´ve added some coffee driven vermouth and a splash of brackish water with a hint of lemon to give the cocktail some layers of flavours. Skål!



-Banana water
-Cognac based caramel
-Jameson Black Barrel

In Sweden we eat more bananas then in any other non-producing banana-country in the world.
That makes the banana a part of our DNA and we feel that it is a berry that is included in our fauna and makes it fair game when we are creating Swedish-inspired cocktails.

Everybody has had an old banana pressed down in their backpack by their mother or grilled a banana over open fire packed in foil with Marabou chocolate pressed down in it, Hajk banan.

This drink is a version of another cocktail we had on our list earlier so it is a somewhat of a Copy Cat, and in Sweden we call that a Härmapa, which literally means ”Monkey that does the same thing again”



-Extra heavy cream from Arla Unika
-Toasted dark chocolate
-Bourbon vanilla
-Buffalo Trace Bourbon
-Explorer Vodka

Say Christer Pettersson to anyone in Sweden and they´ll probably know who he was. Alledgely the murderer of Olof Palme but later on free from all accusations
Did he do it? No one knows, only Christer, but he took that knowlege with him to his grave. Christer was a tough cookie and had been around the block so after being held in jail for a couple of months for the murder of Olof Palme he was released on the 12th of October 1989, no big deal for him, sitting in jail that is and upon his release it was time to party, Christers drink of choice was, 2 parts Baileys and 1 part Explorer vodka, one of Swedens cheapest and most sold vodkas.

We´ve made a tribute cocktail inspired by this drink who has many names, we decided to call it by it´s originators name, Christer Pettersson. If he did it or not is for someone else to figure out but this is the 2.0 version of that drink, perfect to drink on any bench on SÖDER or as a after dinner cocktail.😊



-Toffee cream
-Stökvatten 55% alc vol, Freyjas own vodka

Based on ”the gold from the north”, cloudberrys, some apple acid and spiked with our very potent Stökvatten (vodka), then topped up with toffee cream.This drink is the final hurrah, the ”happy ending” to any dinner.

Stökvatten which translates to ”Chaos water” or
”Mess up water” clouds your mind perfectly.
It´s grown up candy at its best. U are welcome!



-Green Swedish grapes from Skåne
-Omnipollos Pilsner

”Winter is coming” and in Sweden that means downhill skiing and wasting all of your money at a the After Ski in a dodgy pub located near a slope either in Austria, Italy or Åre, depends on who you ask and the opinions about where you can find the best powder snow varies. But everybody can agree on what beverage that compliments this kinda behaviour is Jägermesiter, sweet, bitter and best served freezing cold.

We endulge all kinds of behaviour that lead to excessive drinking so we made a version on a Boilermaker kinda drink with sour and sweet notes from the Swedish grapes and Jägermesiter and then topping that of with a Pilsner from Omnipollo, a great local beer brewery. Sounds pretty weird we know but it actually works and tastes good. Se upp i backen, fyra hål i nacken!



-Omnipollo LUZ
-Patron Tequila Blanco

Inspired by the Paloma, this one is the beer version you didn´t know you were missing in your life.
Omnipollos great version of a Mexican kinda beer, the LUZ, mixed with a grapefruit cordial incorperating the whole fruit and boosted with en extra kick from the Patron Blanco Tequila.

Nothing Swedish in this one really except the beer, but its a very tasty version on a sour beer with a kick to it and sometimes folks that just has to be enough. Also nice to keep the summer going when we get in to those dark months here in Sweden. Enjoy.


-Southern Hights tea
-Apple acid
-Schweppes Sodawater

Inspired by the legendary non-alcoholic drink and golf player Arnold Palmer.

Our version is made with the only tea we accept, Southern Hights fruit tea and something sour and something weak. Göran Zachrisson was a legendary sports commentator that basically was golf in Sweden. We salute him.


-Sweet coldbrewed Swedish Coffee
-Cacao bitters
-Schweppes Tonic water

A grown up alcohol free drink for tose of us that has choosen to take that approach to the evening.
Keep hydrated, stay awake and drive safely home with this one.



-Schweppes Sodawater

A fresh mixture of different kinds of mint, sour apples and sodawater.
A reminder of summer and cool-aid for your soul.


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