Live Jam Session 01.11.23

With a vehicle consisting of a loop machine, synthesizers, brass instruments, electric bass, and soulful vocal harmonies, these four multi-talented artists will take the audience on an improvised journey to a universe of soul, funk, dub, electronic beats, and yet-to-be-identified music genres. They promise a night of musical exploration and creativity in the present moment.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this unique and unforgettable musical expedition, this Wednesday between 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM.

Vernissage – Nasch 26.10.23

Nadine ”NASCH” Schjölin – (b.1994) Paints with a passion in oil, freely and openly, with a preference for large forma Her motifs develop, rarely in a predetermined manner, unhampered by thoughts. She allows herself to be influenced by actual impulse, where a quest for harmony and balance is central.

The expressive motifs are painted with powerful broad strokes and strong colours in layer upon layer. Out of the chaos, patterns emerge through contrasts in light and darkness. The colours lift each other and a delicate interplay expands. Many of NASCH paintings are so free that we can both look at them and hang them in different directions. She wants there to be room for the viewer to feel and dream away for themselves and create their own story

“Life is ruled by emotions thoughts and impulses, we take in information that we proceed both consciously and unconsciously. My painting is primarily about letting go, remain open and without criticizing. Each layer that is added opens up for new thoughts, new feelings – where nothing is right or wrong but rather a milestone along the way.”

NASCH has already established herself well as an artist at a young age, she participated at Liljevachls 2014/15, inaugurated the opening of POM gallery in 2015, furnished paintings at Malous TV studio and is now working with Melefors fine art.

Contact 0721616162

Concert 25.10.2023 – World Gym

After an EP and three singles, World Gym continues to create melancholic sing-alongs disguised as folk music. Their new double A-side features the singles “Seeing Double” and “Daytime Drinking.” The first is about drinking in the evening, and the second is about drinking during the day.

World Gym consists of Jon Bergström, Fredrik Pettersson, and Luciano Leiva. Throughout the year, they have performed at various venues including Riche, Hus 7, and Stadsgårdsterminalen. Their debut album is set to be released at the turn of the year.

See more about the event here.

Concert – Julia Fischler + band

Here we go again! Full band on stage at Freyja+Söder this Wednesday!

Julia Fischler is a singer-songwriter from Stockholm who creates soulful pop with influences from the neo-soul and jazz scene. She studied singing and songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston and holds a degree in music production from AP Academy in Stockholm.

As an indie artist, she is responsible for the lyrics, composition, and co-production of all her works, which can be described as honest life perspectives, often from her female and occasionally vulnerable point of view. The 26-year-old’s somewhat turbulent emotional life is often the theme in her soft melodies.

With her experienced band, she offers an intimate performance at Freyja on Wednesday, 18/10, at 8:00 PM.

On stage: Julia Fischler, Vilma Ogenblad, Joel Henryson, and Magnus Jonasson.

The People Behind Freyja – Mike

Who are you, and how did you end up at Freyja?
I’m Mike, 21 years old, used to work at the old national archive before. I crossed paths with a certain Karl Ljung, who runs L’Avventura and recommended me to come here, so I joined Freyja before the opening, with everything that entails.

How was the initial period?
Starting a restaurant involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work. There was a tremendous amount of setting up and building the bar, determining where everything should be placed, and figuring out how things should operate, which can be complicated when all the bartenders have quite strong personalities. However, we managed to navigate through the arguments and had a really smooth opening in March, as it was packed from the get-go.

How did you get into the industry?
I was quite unruly before, couldn’t handle high school, dropped out after four months. When I was around 17, I felt I should do something productive. I started working in restaurants and realized that this job demanded a lot from a person, leaving no time for nonsense in your free time. But the restaurant world fascinated me – the whole theater aspect, working with your hands, and seeing immediate results, both good and bad, from guests. Most importantly, I have a lot of energy, and this job is perfect for that.

There are rumors that you also make music?
Yes, I sure do. I think, as everyone probably thinks, that I have a story to tell, and I do that through music. You could classify the music as rap, but it seems like the label is getting a bit tired. If you appreciate poetry, you’re on the same page as I am.

If you came here as a guest, what would you eat and drink, and who would you bring with you?
I would definitely bring my girlfriend, Elina. We’d probably go for the starters and snacks because they are amazing here. If you’re sitting at the bar and not munching on buckwheat chips and deep-fried sourdough, you’re doing the bar wrong. In terms of drinks, we have great bartenders who excel at classics, so I would order an Old Fashioned and a Negroni. If you’re here for brunch, you absolutely mustn’t miss “Den lilla vackra,” our take on a Bellini.

Thank you, Mike! <3 <3 <3

Listen to Mike’s music on Spotify here.

Livets goda ranks Freyja high

In the company of legendary restaurants such as Djuret, Flickan, and Franzén, the magazine Livets Goda ranks one of Sweden’s best restaurants. We find it incredibly exciting!”

See the whole list here!

Freyja+Söder Live – Kimchii

In the fall, as we move indoors, Freyja+Söder is now introducing live acts in Söder’s minibar.

Stockholm-based Kimchii has entered the music world as a unique and captivating voice with his unmistakable fusion of Nu-Disco, Alternative Dance, House, and Pop.

Since his breakthrough in 2020 with “When You Feel The Time Is Right,” Kimchii has collaborated with several renowned artists such as Kraak & Smaak, Anoraak, Rebecca & Fiona, and GRANT. Kimchii has gained international recognition and support from DJs and musicians worldwide. Over the past year, Kimchii has opened sold-out concerts for acclaimed acts like L’Impératrice and MEUTE, so there is undoubtedly quality on the stage.

Now, Freyja is privileged to welcome Kimchii to our establishment. Please join us on Wednesday the 11th!

Live on the roof

Now we are introducing live performances at Freyja!

Taking the stage first are Vincent Craaford, Max Galax, and NIYAH, who will together deliver an improvised musical performance.

With an ensemble consisting of a loop machine, synthesizers, brass instruments, electric bass, and soulful vocal harmonies, these three multi-talented artists will take the audience on an improvised journey to a universe of soul, funk, dub, electronic beats, and yet-to-be-identified music genres.

An evening of musical exploration and creativity in the present moment is promised. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this unique and unforgettable musical expedition, this Wednesday from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Vincent Crafoord – DJ, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist

NIYAH – Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist

Max Galax – Multi-instrumentalist and music producer


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