Korallpionen, or Malin Sparrvardt, has painted the Söder-terrace to a harmonic fall garden with inspiration from the restaurant’s fall menu, as well as her own inspiration of flowers such as Rudbeckia and bell vine that have autumn’s dark and beautiful colors such as orange and dark purple.

The idea is that the plants are supposed to “grow” on the rooftop and create the feeling of a romantic forest, high among the clouds. With calm and fally colors, visitors will be able to have a drink next to flowers that match the sunset.

I’ve been working as a mural artist for 5 years now, I dive deep into all the things that flowers and plants has to offer us. I paint flowers in my own unique way, since a flower is almost too beautiful to embody in its perfection. I mix our vegetation in a playful way where two flowers can become one or a certain flower may have to try a different color than what we are used to seeing it in. My body of work is challenging myself and trying new things, and to try to maintain the extreme beauty of the flowers. With inspiration from nature, I strive to achieve something new every day and am eternally grateful that I get to try to portray large flowers and plants in public environments. Why settle for small flowers when we can make them as high and as mighty as houses are?

/Malin Sparrvardt

The exhibition runs from September

Thomas OKOK Gunnarsson

Born in 1979, and is an artist, graffiti painter, documentary filmmaker and photographer from Stockholm. He is self-taught with early roots in the world of graffiti, which he is still a big part of today through his Instagram account and his YouTube channel TagsAndThrows – one of the world’s most visited sources for film and photography around the core of graffiti – tags and throw-ups . Thomas has previously exhibited in Lublin, New York, Paris, Osaka, Kyoto and Stockholm, among others. In 2019, one of his documentaries was shown at MoMa in New York.

At Freyja Söder, Thomas has painted the walls on the roof terrace, created illustrations for the menu and website, and at the same time exhibits a bunch of drawings created between 2019 and 2023. The drawings are created on acid-free A3 with acrylic, crayons, colored pencils and markers and are all original.

You can find more on his Instagram account @ArtByOKOK, @TagsAndThrows
and @TagsAndThrowsSthlm.

The exhibition runs May - August


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